My Fantasie Fit Campaign, My New Fantasie Bra Gives Me Amazing Lift And Support

Part of finding your Fantasie Fit is ensuring you're wearing the right shape bra as well as the right size. Your breast shape can determine the type of bra that will not only fit, but offer the best support and shape possible.  



Rounded breasts but a little less full at the top. To build a little fullness in the top of the breast we recommend moulded and padded half cup bra-styles, perfectly designed to lift and reshape.


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Wide space between the breasts. Bras with added side support give great forward projection to wide set breasts. While balcony styles will provide great uplift and a rounded shape.


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Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom. Potential to be longer than they are wide. Padded bras help make the bust look more rounded, while balcony bras lift from the side to give a non-padded boost.


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One breast is larger than the other. Moulded styles can cleverly conceal the difference in size between breasts by providing an even rounded profile.

If you wish to choose a non-moulded style look out for stretch elastics at the neck edge which will hug the breast to help them look more even in size.


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Narrow or no space between the breasts. Narrow set wires and low centre fronts make plunge frames much more comfortable for close set breasts. Or even no wires at all - you could try a soft cup too.

Any bra with a wide centre front will feel uncomfortable for someone with naturally close set breasts. Full cup styles typically have wide centre fronts so it may be best to avoid these.


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Breasts are equally full at the top and the bottom A full cup bra encapsulates the whole breast and will avoid cutting across the fullest part and creating a quad boob effect.

Some balcony bras may do this if they have an elasticated neck edge so these may be best to avoid.


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Find your Fantasie fit in-store and feel your best, always