Breast care advice

Advice1-AnoushkaEven if your bra fits right now, it doesn’t take much for that to change. Weight fluctuations can affect your bra size, but so can body shape changes brought on by, say, a new gym routine.

During your monthly cycle it’s possible to gain a whole cup size, and you might need to consider a larger bra for those tender days. Obviously pregnancy will also bring on a big change in your breasts. And they’ll change again when you stop breast feeding.

As you age you’ll lose muscle tone and elasticity in your skin, and you might need to try a different style of bra – perhaps a half cup instead of a full cup.

If you start taking the pill or HRT or any hormonal medication it can have an effect on your bra size. And even if none of the above applies to you, we still recommend checking your bra size every 6 months.