Lingerie Buying Guide


Tip 1. Choose the perfect set

A luxurious lingerie set can make the perfect gift for a special occasion, but how do you know which one to choose? Think about your loved one and what colours they usually wear – do they like bright colours, patterns or lace? Black lingerie can offer a safe solution if you’re unsure and with some stunning sets out there it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

Tip 2. Find her size.

Once you’ve chosen the range it’s time to get the size right. If you can, take a look in her lingerie drawer, check labels and note down a bra and coordinate size. For a bra that will be a number and a letter (e.g. 32E) and for coordinates this will either be XS to 2XL or a number referring to dress size (e.g. size 10). Our coordinates come in an XS to 2XL so take a look at our sizing guide if you need to convert a dress size.

Tip 3. Make it extra special.

Most good retailers offer a gift wrapping service which helps to add that special finishing touch to your Christmas day gift. This will show you’ve made a real effort and if you’re not the best wrapper yourself, it can be a great option. If you would prefer you can also go to a store where they offer a one to one service, so you can get expert help with your present.

Tip 4. Dont panic!
Don’t worry if you're still panicking, let Fantasie make it nice and simple with our wide range of beautiful lingerie collections.