Latest Collections


Sensual, striking and with a touch of the exotic. Nicola reveals a stylish animal print in shades of midnight blue. Austrian embroidery and delicate organza bows add to the drama.


This beautiful, natural, rounded Salsa shape now comes to you in stunning mulberry and vivid electric blue. These seductive colours complement a flattering balcony design for greater coverage, while Austrian floral embroidery completes the look. Salsa is yours up to a K cup.


Revel in refinement as Susanna presents an elegant vintage look. This subtle design features French lace, as well as premium leavers lace trim on the neck-edge. The straps also have a lace trim, along with bows on the apex and centre front.


Be immersed in soft shades of aqua as Robyn surrounds you with a gorgeous Italian print, offset by beautiful ivory strech lace and trimmed with harlequin-effect bows.


Creating a look of sublime sophistication, Lois offers Italian lace, two-tone bows and a soft, feminine pinstripe in pink, nude or black.


Strike the perfect balance between comfort and strength with Vivienne's clever supportive fabrics. There's also coloured Swiss embroidery flounce on the top cup and French lace on the bottom cup.


Creating a look of sublime sophistication. Lois offers Italian lace, two-tone bows and a soft feminine pinstripe in pink, nude or black.


This smooth,seam-free spacer moulded bra gives you crisp new colours in crystal, magenta and sapphire. Rebecca is finely crafted too, with geometric Swiss embroidery and delicate narrow embroidery trims.


Nobody knows your body as well as you.

And nobody knows how to make it look and feel inch perfect as well as Fantasie. Designed to provide effortless support to bring out the best in your figure, Fantasie’s sophisticated styles and blissful fabrics will wrap you in amazing comfort and fill you with confidence every single day.