Did you know that your breast shape can determine the type of bra that will fit you best?

When it comes to finding the perfect fitting bra, we are endlessly told to ensure we are wearing the correct bra size - but talk hardly ever turns to bra shape.  


It's a lot like shopping for shoes or dressing for your body type - There's no one-size-fits-all solution. Put simply, certain bra styles won't give you the fit and support you need.


By understanding which style of bra is best suited to your breast shape, we want to help you familiarise yourself with those Fantasie styles that will best offer you the unprecedented fit and support we seek to provide.




Ideal for women with larger breasts, those with breasts that are wide-set, or have a large space between them, the Side Support bra features a robust side wing that gathers the breast tissue and projects it forward to the front centre of the cup. By bringing the bust closer together the result is a much more rounded profile which feels wholly supported and secure.


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If your breasts are full, you will have an equally round shape from top to bottom. Full Cup bras are perfect for those with fuller breasts or larger busts. A maximum coverage style that offers both optimum support and a rounded silhouette, Full Cups are designed to envelop the whole breast, comfortably accommodating the high level of breast tissue that may typically sit high on the frame of someone with a large bust.


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The Balcony bra offers uplift to a shallower or swooping bust shape. This breast shape is fuller at the bottom than the top and and the nipple in turn may point upward. This shape is very common in women who have nursed and lost volume at the top of the breast, or for those who have undergone weight loss. Balcony bras feature wide-set straps which lift from the bottom of the cup for a boosting effect, creating a fuller rounded shape and contoured cleavage.


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If you’ve got a small frame or your breasts sit closely together, with not much space between them, they are close-set. The best offering for close-set breasts is a bra style with a low centre front, much like the Plunge bra, which supports the bust from the centre of the cups and works to provide the breasts with a separated appearance.


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So many women have one breast slightly larger than the other. It’s actually more common for women to have different breast shapes than be completely symmetrical. Bras with moulded cups, designed for a larger bust size, can cleverly conceal the difference in size between breasts. Featuring a smooth outer cup, moulded styles offer guaranteed nipple coverage and an even and rounded profile without adding any additional volume, not forgetting that perfect seam-free finish under clothing.


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