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Side Support Bra

The Side Support Bra is one of Fantasie’s most iconic styles, featuring across the majority of our lingerie collections. Perfect for the fuller busted woman, they have an extra panel at the side of the cup, offering forward projection. Our Side Support Bras also feature powernet wings to ensure the bra won’t ride up at the back, and wide underwiring for comfort and support.

Three Panel Bra Fantasie-ROW-LeftStyle-StandardBra

Standard Three Panel Bra

Side Support Bra Fantasie-ROW-Right-SideSupport

Fantasie's Side Support Style

Side Support Fantasie_ROW-BoxTextRight-SideSupport

Why choose a Side Support style?

Side Support Bras are perfect for anyone looking for uplift and a flattering shape, but may be particularly beneficial to those with breasts that are fuller at the side, or are more wide set, as the additional side panel helps to bring the breast tissue forward. A great way to test this is to hold your arms out as if you are driving a car. If you can feel your breast tissue rubbing against your arm then a Side Support Bra may be perfect for you.

Moulded Bras

Perfect for all occasions, Fantasie’s Moulded Bras create a smooth silhouette under clothing, with seam free cups. For those with asymmetric breasts, moulded styles can cleverly conceal the size difference by providing an even, rounded shape. Explore how our moulded frames differ slightly in their features below.

Spacer Mould Fantasie-ROW-LeftBox-SpacerMould

Spacer Moulded Bra

•    Spacer fabric is lightweight and breathable offering a comfortable fit
•    Elastic at the neck edge and underarm offer flexibility
•    Larger sizes are constructed with an inner sling for additional support
•    Straps are fitted closer to the centre of the back to prevent strap slippage

Moulded T-Shirt Bra Fantasie-ROW-MiddleBox-MouldedTShirtBra

Moulded T-Shirt Bra

•    Powernet wings ensure anchorage and support
•    Straps are fitted closer to the centre of the back to prevent strap slippage
•    Most moulded styles come with a J hook to convert the style to a racer back, ideal for concealing the straps

Moulded Strapless Bra Fantasie-ROW-RightBox-MouldedStrapless

Moulded Strapless Bra

•    Detachable straps have multi positional fixtures, ideal for concealing the straps
•    Strap options include cross back, halter neck or wider set strap
•    Crafted with Stay4Sure Elastic which helps to reduce slippage

What is Spacer Fabric?

Spacer Mould Fantasie-ROW-BoxTextRight-WhatIsSpacer

Spacer bras are a lighter option to the classic foam cups you see in most moulded bras and the difference lies within the fabric. Spacer fabric is a 3D knitted fabric, constructed with three layers that allow air circulation, and are joined together with a light spacer yarn for a lightweight, breathable finish. It moulds really well and creates great shape too. 

Fantasie's Lingerie Essentials

Discover our must-have styles to curate your lingerie drawer for every occasion. Each offering a slightly different fit and coverage level, but all crafted with a quality that’s second to none, our styles feature seamed cups for shaping, powernet wings to provide anchorage, and a hook and eye closure for an adjustable fit.

Padded Half Cup Bra Fantasie-ROW-LeftBox-PaddedHalfCup

Padded Half Cup Bra

Crafted from foam cups for definition, Half Cup Bras help to boost the cleavage from the bottom of the cup. This could be the perfect style if you're looking for an enhanced shape and uplift.

Bralette Fantasie-ROW-MiddleBox-Bralette


Fantasie's non-wired Bralettes are a popular style if you are looking for optimum comfort without compromising on support. For ease of wear we recommend our Fusion Leisure Bra, Fantasie's first front-fastening Bralette. 

Balcony Bra Fantasie-ROW-RightBox-BalconyBra

Balcony Bra

Crafted with a two piece cup and a vertical seam which creates uplift and cleavage without the need for padding. Larger sizes contain a hidden inner side sling and wide wires for extra comfort and support. 

Bra Styles For Your Shape Fantasie-ROW-LeftTile-BraStylesForYourShape

Bra Styles For Your Shape

Ensure you're wearing the right bra shape as well as the right size

Find Your Fantasie Fit Fantasie-ROW-RightTile-FindYourFantasieFit

Find Your Fantasie Fit

We're here to help you discover the tell-tale signs of an ill fitting bra so you can find your perfect fit.