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From the yoga mat to the spin class, or even taking a hike to sprinting across sandy beaches, a Sports Bra is extremely important to keep your bust fully supported during exercising. Fantasie Active celebrates the way your body moves, offering a wide selection of sportswear to help you achieve your goals. Discover our Dynamic and Intense rated collections, and find the right support for your sport.

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Fantasie-ROW-SportsBras-TwoBoxComponent-Intense-Mobile1.png Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-TwoBoxComponentComponent-Intense


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Moulded Sports Bra

Kick up the activity level with our Moulded Sports Bra, showcasing supportive spacer moulded cups designed to encapsulate the bust for all-around support and a comfortable fit.

Available in: Sonic

Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-Dynamic-M.png Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-TwoBoxTextRightComponent-Dynamic

Soft Cup Sports Bra

Our Soft Cup Sports Bra is perfect for low intensity workouts such as Yoga or Pilates. The non-wired style features a double layer inner cup for great support and shaping much like our moulded styles.

Available in: Dynamic

Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-Core-MOB.png Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-TwoBoxTextRightComponent-Core

Underwired Sports Bra

Offering heavy duty support and great shape, our Underwired Sports Bra features a wide curvature wire and built up padded straps to offer a comfortable fit and reduce the strain of high impact workouts. Complete with Coolmax fabric to wick away moisture.

Available in: Core

Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-Epic-MOB.png Fantasie-ROW-Advice-SportsBraShapesExplained-TwoBoxTextRightComponent-Epic

Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra

Designed for high performance with full coverage, our Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra has the appearance of a crop top but all the support of a classic Fantasie sports bra with its moulded inner cups, limited stretch straps and a J-hook fastening.

Available in: Epic