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Following on from The Age of Comfort, where we celebrated our most comfortable lingerie collections, we bring you (Un)Comfortable Conversations – a series of surprising acknowledgements and funny confessions about where Fantasie women are in their lives and how they’ve got there.
Follow along on Fantasie’s social channels and discover our brand new collections as well as some honest content from women including Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha, writer and mother of two Ruth Crilly, performer Tova Leigh, Comedy Duo and Podcasters The Scummy Mummies and Digital Creator Natalie Lee. Follow them acknowledging their flaws and being ok about it, and laughing at the things they do that they think no one else does or knows about.
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Stay tuned for a series that is funny and honest, it’s about acknowledging your flaws and being ok about it. Laughing at the things we all do. 

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Focus on Fusion

Fantasie's Fusion is a much-loved foundation-building staple for many Fantasie women thanks to it's classic design in a range of colourways. For the new season we welcome a new style to the collection; the Leisure Bra, a non-wired design featuring two hook and eyes - one below each cup - for a customisable fit offering the ultimate comfort.

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Find out about how you can check the fit of your bra to ensure complete comfort and support.

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